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Tags is now running a new swimming space in Britannia Pool, Hackney. The sessions will run monthly first Thursday of the month. The first session is on February 8th from 7.30pm-9pm. Contact robertatrans21@gmail.com





Dazed Digtal


TAGS have been Featured in Dazed Digital with a great article and beautify composed Video

on what it is to be a TAG, with heartfelt interviews with some of our wonderful regulars.

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TAGS recent article in the Independent can be found here









Tags swimming in Lewisham had 21 swimmers at its session on Friday June 2nd.


Some recent praise from our swimmers


Had my first swimming session with Tags yesterday. Everything was incredible, from being referred to as the guy I am to just hanging out with people I have something in common with. Thank you so much, this is a massive positive change in my life as a closeted trans boy!



Since Tags Swimming started, I have got *really* into swimming and now I swim nearly every day at pools across London. I'm so grateful to Tags for re-igniting my love for swimming, it was been amazing for my physical and mental health. I'm sorry I don't come more often, but I want you to know that the benefits of Tags are far and wide reaching even if it isn't always visible to you.


To all London people: I went to TAGS swimming in Lewisham for the first time. Finally overcame my shyness about appearing in a swimsuit with an imperfect body.

It's a wonderful space for all trans people. Super safe and friendly. One young trans guy came for the first time tonight (like me) and was so nervous he was in tears when he arrived. By the end, there was a big smile on his face and he made friends.

Please support this precious thing. For those in North London, there's one in Swiss Cottage that really needs your support.


If you're interested and want more info

Please contact Megan Z

Email Below



Tags swimming is still running weekly in Lewisham and monthly in Swiss Cottage and Birmingham.












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